Our services

Our offer

  • Analysis and development
  • Complete supply chain of components and PCBs
  • SMD and THT placement and soldering
  • Basic electric and complete functional testing
  • Packaging and delivery
  • Problem analysis and solution development

    Our trained team of experienced and reliable engineers sooperate with you to finding and designing a solution for your problem. 

  • Complete supply chain of electronic components and PCBs

    We cooperate with some of the biggest distributors and manufacturers of electronic components and PCBs in Slovenia and around the world. 

    This allows us a short delivery time and competitive pricing. 

  • SMD and THT placement and soldering

    We offer placement and soldering after "Pick and Place" method. Also, we offer machine and hand soldering of THT components. 

  • Basic electric and complete funcional testing

    After finished production we perform basic electrical testing on each product. At your request, we also offer to perform complete functional test of the manufactured products with your testing device. 

  • Packaging and delivery

    All the products are carefully and fittingly packaged and delivered to your location.