• Our largest advantage over the competitive companies is our flexibility and adaptability. We can adapt to any needs our customers demand. 

    No matter the size of a project we always do our best to offer our client all the help in facilitating the realization of their project. 

    We undertake small, medium-sized and large series of products with speed, reliability and quality. Our production lines are stationed in ESD safe environment which lowers the danger of damaging components in production. 

  • SMD

    We offer machine guided placement and soldering of SMD components after "Pick and Place" method from 01005 size upwards. Our machine can also place BGA components. We can produce PCBs ranging upwards to 1200mm x 600mm in size. Thanks to out production line that allows placement and soldering of over 1 million of SMD components daily we can easily manufacture large series of products. 

    All components and materials used in our production is in accordance with RoHS 2 standard. 

  • THT

    Apart from machine guided placement of SMD components we also offer machined or hand soldering of THT components. This way we can offer a production of wider spec of products. 

    Semi-automatic system enabled our workers to solder up to 150.000 THT components daily, making our production fast and reliable.