• Optical inspection

    After each SMD placement and soldering the PCBs are automatically examined with computer guided machinery that check for potentially problematic solders. This check also allows us to detect any components offset that could be a cause of future problems. 

    Automatic system for optical inspections of PCBs guarantees a higher quality of and lower rate of errors on final products. 

  • Basic electrical testing

    After completing SMD and THT placement and soldering and any required assembly we always perform a basic electrical test to ensure all the contacts are functional and all soldering was flawless. 

    Electrical test is automatic, guided by machinery and is done under supervision of experienced staff. 

  • Complete functional testing

    After optical inspection and basic electrical testing we also offer complete functional test of the produced PCBs. This test is done individually with a testing machine provided by the customer. We can also develop and produce a testing machine if needed. 

    This testing can be done on any stage of production. It can be done after SMD placement, after all the soldering or after mounting in a housing.