We are a company with a wide spectre of technical knowledge in the field of electronics development and manufacturing. Our high level of quality and years of experience place us along other larger competitors on European market. We have a tight connection and cooperation with the company Nano Elektronika d.o.o.

We wish to emphasize our adaptability, we combine creativity with technical knowledge. We take every single project seriously and professionally, regardless of its size. We constantly expand our expertise and knowledge, as well as our technological and technical equipment.
We strive to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relations with our partners.


We are aiming for the future. We consider and take into account wishes, needs and requirements of every client. Our company is oriented into further development, which allows us to offer a high quality of our services and quick response to the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to offer a complete set of solutions that are flexible and in line with the newest technological advancements.

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